Making the guest registration process easier!


As a busy bride and groom, you need an easy way to plan,
monitor and manage the RSVP’s for your wedding online.
It is often under estimated how time consuming and frustrating this process can be!

Signature Wedding is proud to present a new application that will help its brides and grooms to painlessly manage the RSVP process, by maintaining full control and staying connected with your guests.


Easy to use


We designed the application to be easy and enjoyable to use both for your guests in order to maximize the response rate.

We provide convenient features like direct link for each guest and e-mail confirmations.

Manage your guestlist

We provide an easy way to manage, sort and search through your guestlist.
It gives you an instant overview of the status and the inviations of your guests. You can also edit the details for each guests separately.

This view supports tagging of each guest (so that you can search easily) and advanced search (by name or status).


The RSVP form is simplified as much as possible to make it easy for your guests, yet the application provides a rich set of features:

  • - handles complex weddings with multiple events and locations
  • - support for families and multiple guests
  • - registration of the dietary and food preferences
  • - both the guests and the organizer receive a nice confirmation e-mail with location addresses, maps, times and any other information that is useful to share with your guests

Detailed Reports

You are in complete control – in real-time – of the progress of the RSVP’s.

You have a complete overview of who’s going to present, who (regretfully) declined and who hasn’t responded (yet).

You can also see for each event, how many people are expected so you can communicate this to your venue and suppliers.

Friendly Reminders

You can directly send reminders to guest by sending a personalized message, as well as a direct link so that they can confirm their presence with just one click! You can also craft a custom message for each of your guests to show a personal touch!

Import / Export

For the busy event organizer, we provide fast set-up of the event.
The application provides an easy import and export facility for the guestlist from CSV to Excel and PDF so you can load all your guests in the application in one click.

Alternatively, you can export the latest status of the list to the format of your choice.

Mobile devices

We made sure that your guests are able to RSVP on their favorite mobiles or tablets and that you can keep an eye on yours and check the progess as well!

This application is available as a fully managed service for our customers but also for the bride and groom that rather manage everything by themselves.
If you are curious and interested:

Start now by signing up!

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